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About Us

Hello, We are All Star Theatre

All Star Theatre (All South Texas Artists Reunited) is a non-profit theatre company in the Upper- Rio Grande Valley. We seek to not only reflect the diverse culture of the Valley, but also provide a unique artistic experience for the audience. As the character transforms on stage before the audience member’s eyes, we hope the transformation extends to the individual, encouraging them to personally transform on any level. Our passion is not only to tell the stories we hold dear, but also to present the tremendous talent fostered within the Rio Grande Valley. 
Furthermore, All Star Theatre provides an outlet for artists who hold unique ideas hidden or repressed within. After all, these are the ideas that develop into amazing projects, and lead to future All Star artists.

All Star Theatre is committed to producing quality productions

by utilizing the distinct talent found within the Rio Grande Valley.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage our audience to think and feel, and our artists to grow and share.


All Star Theatre is committed to producing quality productions by utilizing the distinct talent found within the Rio Grande Valley.


We extend theatrical education beyond the boundaries of a classroom by providing a professional theatre experience for everyone, regardless of circumstance.

Our Mission

Our Story

All Star Theatre began in the summer of 2012 with a dream to harvest and present the theatrical talent of our South Texas region. Joel A. Garza, founder of All Star Theatre, was getting his masters in Theatre in the University of Texas - Pan American, where he decided to write his thesis about the 2007 Tony Award winner for

Best Musical Spring Awakening. 


With the help of Carlos Pérez, Marketing Director of All Star Theatre, both started working together to bring this musical to the audiences in the Rio Grande Valley, this will help Joel to get a better understanding of Spring Awakening, and study more the characters and the music from the show. But it was since our production of

Chicago (2013), where All Star Theatre's audience grew up really fast, thanks to this famous musical that is really well known in our region. Since then, we have produced several shows with local talent, from little kids to actors to crew members and designers, we have helped our artists to grow and share, and have engaged our audience to think and feel.

The All Star Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The All Star Kids Club wouldn’t be the same without the help and support from our instructors, and crew members.

These talented individuals unselfishly dedicated their time and efforts to make this production a success.

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