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The All Star Kids Club is a one year program during the school year where students can begin to master the craft of acting through our technique and implementation process. Each program is designed to create future "All Stars" by giving each student an understanding of the theatrical process, while perfecting their creativity and style. 

Through the Fall semester, students will receive weekly training by professional actors and directors, and will apply those skills in a fully-produced show during the

Spring semester. 

  • How can I enroll my child?
    We encourage all students to participate in our summer programs to get a better understanding of what we do throughout the year. Registration to join the waitlist for our year-round program opens on June 1 at 12 noon on our website. Students interested in becoming All Stars will need to audition in July for a spot within our roster. The audition process consists of a dance combo, a singing piece, and students will be provided with a scene piece from a play. Some students enrolled in summer camps may join if an invitation was sent.
  • What is the fee to join the All Star Kids Club?
    Due to the nature of our business, prices may fluctuate depending on the amount of students enrolled in our program. Once students have been accepted into the program a meeting will be scheduled to review fees and requirements. Please know that the All Star Kids Club works hard to keep our costs low and accessible for all students.
  • What are the ages to join the All Star Kids Club?
    Our classes are typically broken into specific age/grade levels. However, some students may join a level that fits according to their capabilities. The All Star Kids Club typically organizes our All Stars into four levels: RISING STARS 5-10 years old Level I (limited enrollment which goes fast!) Level II (limited enrollment which goes fast!) SHOOTING STARS 11-17 years old Level III (audition required) Level IV(audition required)
  • When do classes take place?
    All classes begin the Saturday following Labor Day in September and continue each Saturday (barring holidays) until the last weekend in April.
  • What are the requirements to audition for the All Star Kids Club?
    Students interested in becoming All Stars at Level III & IV will be required to audition to join the program. The audition consists of a dance combo, a voice evaluation, and an acting demonstration. The ASK Club is not searching for prodigies, but for teachable students. We encourage auditioners to demonstrate a sincere interest in learning the material taught in the audition.
  • Can my child still enroll once the Fall-Spring season already started?
    Due to the nature of our business, the All Star Kids Club fills spots very quickly. For that reason, we cannot take other students once the season has started in September. The best way to ensure the All Star Kids Club is right for you is to try a summer camp before auditions in August. In some cases, students will receive an invitation to become All Stars based on their aptitude in summer camps, which is an added bonus to participating.
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