The All Star Kids Club

The All Star Kids Club is a program where students can begin to master the craft of acting through our technique and implementation process. Each program is designed to create future "All Stars" by giving each student an understanding of the theatrical process, while perfecting their creativity and style. 


Enhances a child’s confidence and comfort in front of an audience, great way of improving communication and presentation skills.


Heightens emotion, reinforces dramatic action, evokes atmosphere and mood in ways that words alone cannot.


Allows one to express oneself and provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation.



Our professional theater artists help develop children with an interest in drama and performing arts. We offer a variety of acting, singing and dance classes at the All Star Kids Club. Students will enjoy these hands-on classes where participation is encouraged and essential for learning. It's a great way for children to learn, have fun and gain valuable skills in theater arts. Our approach is developmentally

age-appropriate. Classes are taught by All Star Theatre professional artists.


Performance Classes

Our classes are typically broken into specific age/grade levels, and our classes include a performance at the end of the year.


Join Level I as we ignite the theatre spark within young children. This entry-level class is designed to explain the elements of theatre through technique and application.  Each week the class will create scenes and rehearse their parts. AST instructors lead students in theater games to enhance creativity and team work. Young Actors go onstage and learn about backstage, too.

Students also learn various styles and methods of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Theatre Dance. Students will apply their craft in our Spring musical at a young age.


Level II continues to expand the creativity within the child by giving an in-depth understanding of the theatre elements. The class is designed to prepare students for the stage at their schools, and All Star Theatre. Acting Techniques are explored through warm-ups and theatre games. Plays at this level have more plot points and dramatic elements than Theatre Tyke.  Students also learn various styles and methods of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Theatre Dance. Actors will learn how to audition, create a character, prepare for the stage and practice their craft in our Spring musical.


Our Level III is the highest training and performance opportunity for middle school students who want to deepen their acting training and apply those skills to performance before they go to high school. Technique classes include: Voice, Acting, Acting The Song, Audition Technique, Audition Preparatory. Students also learn various styles and methods of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary,

Hip-Hop, Theatre Dance.

Students will take the skills learned in the fall and apply them into our Spring production.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll my child?

We encourage all students to participate in our summer programs to get a better understanding for what we do throughout the year. Registration to join the year round program opens on August 1. Students interested in becoming All Stars will need to audition in August for a spot within our roster. The audition process consists of a dance combo, a singing piece, and students will be provided with a scene piece from a play. Some students enrolled in summer camps may join.

What are the ages to join the All Star Kids Club?

The All Star Kids Club organizes our All Stars into four levels: Level I: 5-7 year olds (limited enrollment which goes fast!) Level II: 8-10 year olds (limited enrollment which goes fast!) Level III: 11-13 year olds (audition required) Level IV: 14- 18 year olds (audition required)

When do classes take place?

All classes begin the Saturday following Labor Day in September and continue each Saturday (barring holidays) until the last weekend in April.

Can my child still enroll once the Fall-Spring season already started?

Due to the nature of our business, the All Star Kids Club fills spots very quickly. For that reason, we cannot take other students once the season has started in September. The best way to ensure the All Star Kids Club is right for you is to try a summer camp before auditions in August. In some cases, students will receive an invitation to become All Stars based on their aptitude in summer camps, which is an added bonus to participating.

What are the requirements to audition for the All Star Kids Club?

Students interested in becoming All Stars at Level III & IV will be required to audition to join the program. The audition consists of a dance combo, a voice evaluation, and an acting demonstration. The ASK Club is not searching for prodigies, but for teachable students. We encourage auditioners to demonstrate a sincere interest in learning the material taught in the audition.

What is the fee to join the All Star Kids Club?

Due to the nature of our business, prices may fluctuate depending on the amount of students enrolled in our program. Once students have been accepted into the program a meeting will be scheduled to review fees and requirements. Please know that the All Star Kids Club works hard to keep our costs low and accessible for all students.



Joel is the Founder and Executive Artistic Director for All Star Theatre and the All Star Kids Club while concurrently a lecturer in Communication Studies at The University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley. He holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in communication studies, and a master's degree in theatre. Joel also serves as a University Interscholastic League One Act Play adjudicator and critic across the state of Texas, has performed in over fifty musicals and plays, and directed more than 10 theatrical productions.


Sophie has been teaching elementary music for the past 11 years. Sophie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis on education from UTPA. She was the principal flute and piccolo player for 2 years. In the summer of 2019, Sophie spent a month in Oxford and Falmouth, England studying voice with the Cornish-American Song Institute. For the past 7 years, Sophie has been employed with McAllen ISD at Ben Milam Elementary. 


llliana is a senior at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley where she plans on graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. She teaches dance at Dancentre of Edinburg, where she has been a student for more than 15 years. She has studied and participated in numerous prestigious dance organizations including, Ballet Austin and Hubbard Street Dance. This is her fourth year working with All Star Theatre as a choreographer.


Daniela, also known as Dani, received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts emphasizing in Performance and Production. Dani has been affiliated with All Star Theatre since 2012 in Spring Awakening. She was part of the first All Star Kids Club production of Annie in 2013 and is excited to be back instilling arts with All Star Kids. Outside of All Star, she works at STC Cooper Center Theatre as the Box Office Manager. Her craft revolves on and off-stage from acting, singing, and dancing, directing, painting, and designing scenery.


Daniel recently graduated from UTRGV with a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrated towards Theatre Performance. Daniel also works as an instructional tutor for the Edinburg North High School theatre department and has previously worked with other theatre organizations in the RGV including Thirteen O’Clock Theatre and Pharr Community Theatre. This is the second season that Daniel is working with All Star Kids Club.


Christina has been teaching Technology with McAllen ISD for the past 15years. In addition she is one of the McAllen High School Cheer coaches. She is thrilled to be working with such talented group of kids! Christina has been dancing and performing since she was six years old, and hopes the kids enjoy performing as much as she did when she was performing on stage. This is the second season that Christina has worked with The All Star Kids Club and has enjoyed every minute of it.

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