Our Current Season is Postponed Due to COVID-19.

In the theatre we often have an intermission as a means of relief between show acts. The intermission is an important component of a theatrical experience as it allows both performer and audience an opportunity to regain strength and refresh perspective before the final act begins.

We, as many of you, at All Star Theatre are dealing with the uncertainty in our area surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As we struggle to make sense of our immediate future we know this: the health and safety of our All Stars, our All Star team, and our audience knows no bounds. Although our current season is on hold until local ordinances allow for congregating, we know that we will return to our normal routines in due time. Until then we view this as an intermission and we look forward to finding ourselves in the spotlight again, soon.

Please stay tuned to our social media platforms or subscribe to our email capture on our website for updates.

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